You've Got A Friend In Me | Cape Breton Photography Edition

Friendships. They come, they go, and for different reasons, we connect on a deeper level with certain people. As I sit here reflecting on this most recent photoshoot, I can’t help but feel so blessed for that sort of deep, meaningful friendship with Rachael. And I just want to take a sec to honour her, as well as our friendship!
Ray Ray has been working with us since the beginning of the summer. And while she’s my assistant and right hand gal, she’s also my best friend. She is stunning, both inside and out. Her laugh is contagious, and there was no shortage of laughter during our shoot. She is incredibly caring, and loves adventure. Maybe her best trait though, is that she’s loyal; never wanting to bring people down, but always looking to build them up. So I just know that if I’m on my way to hang with Ray, and having a bad day, that it’s about to become a better day. I just love her!
The day of the shoot was absolutely FA-REEZ-ING. But it was SO fun! We laughed, we danced, our fingers and toes froze, and we were just a weeee bit silly. What a blast!
I hope you enjoy the album. I hope it brings to mind those friendships that call you deeper.  I would just urge you to seek out, and go after those types of relationships. To find “your people”, it’ll bring so much joy to your life when you do!

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