In the darkness of addiction, a message of hope arises!

Any resident of Cape Breton knows, our island is overwhelmed by poverty and addiction . These are deep, complex, generational, issues that have complicated impacts on entire communities. BUT, as the darkness looms over our island, the light is breaking through!

The Cape Breton Hope Project is a live-in recovery home for women with addictions. They are empowering women to break free from the chains of substance abuse, and delivering a message of hope, healing, love, and the value of life. 

It is such an honour to be part of delivering such a message. I was able to get to know the ladies currently in the program on a more personal level, having coached them at Crossfit. And witnessing the real transformation of the hearts of these women has been nothin short of a miracle. 

As you watch this video, I pray that you’ll consider giving to such a worthy cause, while helping to spread the message of hope to our beautiful island! 



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