Cape Breton Highlands Wedding | Keltic Lodge | Cedric & Marcia

As we set out to create this Ingonish wedding video, I wanted to establish a sense of tranquillity and calmness from the very start, for the weather - so large a factor on any wedding day - was rather wild. But in the end, it did little to affect the beautiful reason for this celebration. Marcia and Cedric were SO relaxed. They were just rolling with the day, and being truly present in the moment. These guys were incredibly genuine, and it brought forth so much joyful emotion. Cedric literally couldn’t stop laughing, simply out of excitement (the good laughs - you know...those infectious gut-wrenching belly laughs!). And they definitely were infectious! We shared so much laughter throughout the day together, allowing for gorgeous candid shots, and authentically joyful moments.

Ingonish, always stunning in its magnificent Highlands setting, was at its natural best, with changing and challenging cloud cover and wind. But the love that Marcia and Cedric had for each other had a seemingly calming effect. Martin Media is honoured to have been chosen to capture the wedding of this truly remarkable and exceptional couple.

In every frame of this video, we wanted to capture the vibrant personalities of both Marcia and Cedric. We hope you’ll find we did them justice. Thank you for making us a part of your very special day!

for some great still images.


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