LITTLE LANDON | Newborn Photography

Those who know me well, know where I stand on the idea of having a child. For those who don’t know, to put it bluntly, the idea scares the crap out of me! This standpoint gives me a lot of respect for those who do have children. I truly do admire and appreciate all the hard working parents out there! And having come along for a small piece of Melissa’s journey into parenthood through photography, this appreciation has certainly grown.
Over the past few months, I had the opportunity to do maternity and newborn shoots with Melissa. I was reminded of how much the miracle of childbirth amazes me. It is so cool looking at these photos now, and witnessing the transition of life that has occurred. A child that was nurtured in Melissa’s tummy for 9 months, is now a sweet, cuddly little boy named Landon....absolutely mind boggling!!!
Melissa, thanks so much sharing these intimate moments with us. And for being the absolute cutest mom and son duo. Capturing life’s newest moments is certainly becoming a new favourite.

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